Working at height is obviously fraught with difficulty and danger. While many businesses understand this, clearly not enough do as the Health and Safety Executive reports that almost half of all construction accidents involve falling from height.

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With this worrying information in mind, is your business taking the necessary precautions?

What The Statistics Say

As mentioned, 47% of construction accidents involve falls from height. Fatalities totalled 40 in 2019/20 and, of those, a shocking 29 involved falls from height. What does this tell us?

It says that there is a worryingly growing number of businesses and employees who don’t understand the exact danger involved with working at height. Construction is a risky industry anyway, and in an already dangerous workplace working at height elevates that danger even more. With 60% of fatalities coming from working at height, that makes safety considerations even more essential than ever before.

What Can Your Business Do?

The good news is that your business can still improve the standards with which you work at height. Every business can make improvements in every element of their workplace health and safety, but with working at height clearly a prime factor in many workplace deaths it’s more essential than ever to make it a priority. That means that if your business involves employees working on ladders, scaffolding, roof edges, and anywhere near fragile roofs or plate glass panels, you should be reconsidering your safety protocol.

A Company To Help You

This is where Ability International can help. When it comes safety when working at height, we have the industry experience required to work with you to provide meaningful feedback and improvements to the way you and your employees operate. We have a range of equipment for working at height, ranging from mobile platforms and decks through to Desksurfers, CHAMPs, and even completely customised apparatus.

We’re fully versed in the work at height regulations, as well as the broader workplace safety regulations, which puts us in the best possible situation to develop and implement effective solutions. Don’t be one of the 84% of businesses found to be operating with working at height construction breaches in the first quarter of 2021. This puts your business at risk of fines and sanctions, and it puts yourself and your employees at risk of injury and possibly even death.

For your comprehensive working at height safety solution, contact Ability International today.

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