Bad weather and a warning sign to show the dangers of working at height in bad weather conditions

If you regularly work at height outside then you know how big an impact that heavy rain, high winds, or other strong weather conditions can have on your safety and efficiency on the job. Fortunately, equipment is higher quality than ever and safety standards for work at height are constantly improving, so keep this in mind.

However, there are some general guidelines to follow if you’re worried about bad weather impacting the job. Read on…

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Windy Conditions

You can purchase a wind speed anemometer for a reasonable price and keep it on hand should you ever need to check whether wind conditions have exceeded a safe working speed.

Outdoor jobs at height are simply discouraged during high winds, and if the wind exceeds a speed of 7.7 m/s, do not use a freestanding mobile tower for the task. Of course, the tower itself can easily be blown over in strong winds, but the person themselves can contribute to the problem – if you are standing on top of a mobile tower, you create a wind sail area. Additionally, you should always have a locking mechanism on the platform to stop it from being blown off the tower.

Heavy Rain

Next up is the additional weather that often accompanies high wind. If you’re also dealing with rain, in any capacity, this can contribute to a slippery surface for standing on, and slippery rails to hold onto. Combined with decreased balance that strong winds may bring, this could easily spell a disaster.

So, what if you’re part-way through a job and then the bad weather hits? If the wind speed is likely to exceed 7.7m/s tie the tower to a rigid structure, preferably the one which it is serving. If it’s a gale force wind, dismantle your equipment and get down as quickly and safely as possible, and call it a day.

Always take precautions on days where bad weather is forecast and remember to communicate with your team the plan for the next couple of hours as the day progresses.

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