Working at height is a feature of many different types of occupations, whether you need to get something from a high shelf, or to mend or repair structures from a ladder or scaffolding.

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Because working at height can be dangerous, undertaking a Work at Height training course can be highly beneficial for the relevant staff. So, here are five convincing reasons why you should never skip Work at Height training.

1. Integral To Health And Safety

Health and safety is an integral component of a workplace, and there are increasing rules and regulations in place that employers must adhere to, to ensure that staff work in a safe and secure environment. By investing in health and safety with work at height safety training courses, employers can make sure they meet mandatory workplace guidelines.

2. Valuable Investment

With health and safety awareness at the top of the agenda for many companies, there are lots of courses that staff can take to comply with the increasing need to promote a safe working environment. Giving staff work at height training makes for a valuable investment in health and safety awareness at all levels.

3. Reduce Accidents

If staff haven’t had the relevant training, they may not be fully aware of how to work safely at height, whether that be up a ladder, on scaffolding or using mobile access equipment. By skipping this training, it could result in an increased risk of accidents, injury and even death. Indeed, studies have found that nearly a third of all fatal accidents in the workplace are from work at height.

Injuries caused by working at height without adequate training could be detrimental to both employees and businesses, resulting in staff spending time off work, or even taking legal action against their negligent employer.

4. Increased Confidence

Staff who understand how to work at height safely, using the correct equipment and procedures, thanks to undertaking the relevant training, are likely to experience increased confidence when going about their daily tasks. By feeling confident, this can have a positive impact on performance, morale and efficiency.

5. Good For Business

Ensuring that the relevant staff receive training for work at height, will make workers feel reassured that their employer is one that cares about the health, safety and welfare of its employees. This can have a long-term, positive effect on staff recruitment, retention and morale while boosting your reputation in the industry as a business that takes health and safety seriously.

Once you have realised just how important it is not to skip work at height training for your staff, it’s crucial to find a professional company that can offer the right kind of training.

Ability International is a leading provider of a variety of work at height safety training courses to match your unique situation, so contact our expert staff to discuss your requirements.

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