When it comes to working on construction sites, it’s vital for all workers and on-site staff to follow strict health and safety regulations. Sometimes, this includes using specialised safety equipment to mitigate risk and avoid accidents.

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To keep everyone protected in the job of construction, different kinds of safety equipment are used by workers and management.

What Equipment Is Used on Construction Sites and Why They’re Important

There are two kinds of safety equipment. The first is the personal protective equipment provided by the construction project manager for workers to wear which will protect them – this includes safety goggles, safety helmets, gloves, and high-visibility jackets.

The second refers to the machinery and hard equipment used to keep workers and construction staff safe, especially when working at heights. These include podiums, access platforms, scaffolds, and guardrails.

Training Is Necessary To Be Safe At The Workplace

To make sure that all workers are safe when operating machinery or working on a construction site, they must have the necessary training. This can include simple PPE training all the way up to qualifications in heavy machinery and cranes.

No matter the level, this is always vital to ensure that both the safety equipment fitted to machinery can be used effectively and that safety equipment is used correctly. Personal protective equipment must always be worn properly: sized correctly or altered to fit the wearer and worn at the right times and locations.

What Can Happen If Safety Equipment Is Not Used In The Workplace

If construction safety equipment is not used in the workplace, it could mean the difference between a swift and successful job and a job with significant downtime, low morale, and even potential injuries. Most of the injuries and fatalities that occurred on construction sites last year could have been prevented by using the correct safety equipment. It is vital to protect your staff by employing a safe method of work across all construction jobs.

It can also be the cause of a heavy compensation or liability claim which can run a construction project into the ground and mean that a company is not hired again for future jobs.

Learn More About Safety Measures In The Workplace

For all your safety equipment needs and for more information about the importance of safety at the workplace, get in touch with Ability International and our dedicated customer service team will be happy to answer any questions.

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