What is the cost of minor injuries when working at heights?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of workers suffer minor injuries at work which can have serious repercussions for themselves and their employers. According to the Labour Force Survey in 2018/2019, 581,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work during the course of the year, and around 8% of those may have been falls from a height. Working at heights is necessary in many sectors, and yet it’s undeniable that such work carries risks. Mitigating these risks as best as possible is key to maximising safety in the workplace.

The Costs of Minor Injuries for Employers

The costs of minor injuries to workers are obvious: they can have serious implications on long term health and wellbeing, as well as causing trauma and mental stress. But the costs of these accidents to employers can also be very serious. In 2018/19, businesses across the UK lost 4.7 million working days to non-fatal workplace injuries according to the LFS, with each injury accounting for, on average, 8.1 days off work.

HSE statistics show that workplace injuries cost Britain approximately £5.2 billion in 2017/18, the brunt of which is born by individuals, employers, and the UK government. The HSE estimates that non-fatal workplace injuries cost employers £1,400 per case, and an additional £5,100 for an absence of 7 days or more.

Nobody wants their staff to be injured at work, but it’s clear to see that the costs of hazardous working conditions go far and beyond those to the individual.

Addressing Hazards in the Workplace

To reduce the cost of workplace injuries, it’s important that employers address work at height practices and remain alert to the dangers encountered by their staff when working at height. These shocking statistics show that there is more that can be done to improve health and safety when working at height, and it’s important for employers to be proactive and address these risks before accidents happen.

Addressing your work at height practices will minimise the risk of falls, save money wasted on employee absences, and help to cover businesses in case of threats of legal action. What’s more, your staff and customers will appreciate it.

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