Builders often have to scale grand heights and work in dangerous areas. Although you might do everything you can to protect your workers when you are working on roofs, scaffolding or up a ladder, there is no such thing as being too prepared.

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As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that all workers are specifically trained in the correct way to work safely at height, and the different risks you might face while working at height. A work at height certificate can help to ensure that all of your staff are fully trained in working at height and that they are safe on every job.

What Is a Working At Height Certificate?

A working at height certificate is a certificate that highlights that your business and your workers are fully trained and competent when working at height. This certificate takes two or three courses which cover a range of topics including ladder and steps training. You can complete this training easily online and it only costs around £45 per person.

How Long Does a Working At Height Certificate Last? 

These working at height certificates do not expire, meaning that you do not have to complete one again if you do not wish. It is important to note, however, that HSE recommends that this course is completed every 5 years, and you should make sure that each new employee takes this course.

Advantages Of a Working at Height Training Certificate

Unarguably, the greatest advantage of this certificate is that it allows you to further ensure the safety of your workers. Working on a construction site can be incredibly dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken, and the risks of falling off roofs and other high structures can be life-threatening. With a working at height certificate, you can work well knowing that both you and your employees understand what they need to do to keep safe at work.

A working at height certificate can also be beneficial because it proves to customers and contractors that you are a credible and professional company, meaning they are more likely to hire your services and trust that you will keep both them and your workers safe throughout.

Complete a Working At Height Training Course Online

If you are looking for an affordable easy online working at height course, get in touch with the experts at Ability International today to learn more.

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