2 workers working safely as they are required hire working at height equipment

When work needs to be carried out above a desk or table area, the most cost effective method is to hire working at height equipment in the form of a Desksurfer.

Choosing a Desksurfer as your means of access means you do not need to clear the desk before conducting work on any equipment above it. You need only position the platform over the desk and follow the clear instructions.

The alternative option is the construction of a desk-spanning scaffold system, which requires clearing the space entirely while greatly restricting access. In fact, compared to desk-spanning scaffolds, the much more efficient Desksurfer proved to be eight times more efficient than the desk-spanning scaffold system in a trial conducted using dealer desks.

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Why Hire Working At Height Equipment

A Desksurfer hire is particularly beneficial due to the specialised nature of the equipment. It serves a very specific purpose but will often be unnecessary for some businesses and organisations to permanently own their own Desksurfer. Hiring the equipment instead minimises the costs and doesn’t require you to store or maintain it while not in use.

At Ability International, you can hire working at height equipment in the form of the Desksurfer 42FM model which is available with Options 2, 3 and 4. Now let’s look at the Desksurfer’s specifications as well as the hire price and delivery and collection options.

Desksurfer Specifications

The Desksurfer FM is a height adjustable platform with a manual winch for height adjustment. The ‘Fold down Mast’ of the 42FM model makes this Desksurfer ideal for transporting to site, while having platform heights ranging from 955mm to 2320mm in 273mm increments.

The space saving design allows the Desksurfer to compact down to just 650mm wide and 1350mm long. This compactness ensures the Desksurfer and the worker can access the area where it needs to be used while not taking up too much space when not in use.

Desksurfer Hire Prices And Delivery

There are multiple hire options to suit your needs, with the Desksurfer available for three-day or weekend hire as well as week-long seven day periods.

For both three-day and weekend hires, the fee is £120.00 + VAT, with any extra days needed charged at £40.00 + VAT. For weekend hires, the Desksurfer will need to be collected or delivered on Friday and returned or collected on Monday, unless extra days are requested.

The week-long hire lasts the full seven days and is charged at £189.00 + VAT. Additional days on top of the original seven will be charged at £27.00 + VAT. Should you require additional days on top of the original agreement, simply contact us to let us know and we will extend the hire period.

If you are unable to collect and return the equipment yourself, we can provide a delivery and collection service at a cost of £1.95/mile based on Google Maps “fastest route” from our premises in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

For more information Contact us here at Ability International where our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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