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In 2023 we have largely shifted back to in-person events, although many training courses seem to be staying online-only.

Work at height training is quite a practical endeavour so what are work at height training courses up to at the moment?


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In-Person Training

At Ability, we offer a range of in-person courses specialising in working at height. Our on-site courses include:

On this course you will learn to use one of our most recommended pieces of equipment for working at height safely. A fully height adjustable mobile platform that is equipped with guardrails, toeboards, and stabilisers, and is compact enough to be conveniently stored on the premises.

  • Working At Heights – Getting It Right At Height

In this course we will cover everything you must know to safely carry out work at height, including general safety procedures, where and when you need a second person on a work at height job, how to work safely in adverse weather conditions, and what to do if you have a faulty piece of safety equipment.

  • Fall Arrest & Safety Harness Systems – Safe Use & Inspection

This course will cover what to do in the worst-case scenario – when someone does fall – and harness systems that you can put in place to minimise the risk of fall and injury in the first place.


We also offer in-person courses covering the use of aluminium scaffold towers that are assembled especially for work at height, scaffold inspection to ensure safe structures, ladder and steps, and courses specifically for Safety Managers and Supervisors.

These types of courses can be carried out either on your premises or here with us. Our accredited training courses are suitable for regular working life, and it’s recommended that you undergo a refresher course every five years.


Online Training

However, we also offer an online Working at Height training course, for those who need to build their awareness only. The e-course covers what is meant by “work at height”, common safety issues that you must be aware of, and how to carry out risk assessments and reduce identified risks. Our online course runs for 105 minutes for just £35.00, and is approved by RoSPA.

So there really is something for everyone!


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Remember, you can never be too careful when carrying out work at height. You may employ the most talented and hardworking people to carry out works at height, but that will count for nothing in the face of an unlucky accident.

 Having the required safety certifications can make all the difference, and safety standards are constantly improving, so even if you went through training five years ago, it is best to get up to date. 

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