How common are falls from height in construction? Well, they’re not as common as they were in the 60s, but they still happen regularly and lead to massive fines for the companies responsible.

Why are they still a regular occurrence? Well, there are still a surprising number of construction companies that don’t take seriously everything they can do to prevent falls from height.

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How To Prevent Falls From Height In Construction

Around the world, falling from height is one of the most common causes of serious injuries for construction workers, and often leads to death. This is because people tend to under-estimate the risks when they’re working at height and fail to follow proper safety protocols.

The best thing you can do is follow these top 5 tips when working at height, which includes using the right equipment, using clear signage, and sufficiently training your workers.

Falls from height can probably never be fully eradicated, but in order to get a clear idea of what we can do to minimise the risk, let’s take a look at the details…

1. Unsafe Scaffolding

Many scaffolds are so poorly constructed that they are flimsy at best, and liable to collapse completely at worst. They should be properly erected by a competent person. A scaffold that has been constructed without guard rails, sufficient support, and a lack of protection in the event of a fall, paired with an employee who isn’t adequately trained in working at height and general health and safety procedures, can be a deadly combination.

2. Ladders

Poorly positioned ladders can easily slip over and allow the person using it to fall from a great height. Ladders must also be secured in place because over-reaching or slipping whilst using a ladder can easily cause loss of balance and subsequent falls.

3. Tripping And Slipping Hazards

Scaffolds and other working at height set ups must be kept clear of clutter and debris and should only be used by the minimum number of required workers. Otherwise, it becomes very easy for a construction worker to simply trip over something, lose their balance, and fall from height.

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