A brick chimney which would need to be accessed safely

It’s 2023, so why are you still balancing on ladders?

On the other hand, if you’re not running a job that’s just an accident waiting to happen, you should be familiar with chimney access safety systems. Helping your team safely reach heights and carry out work in a safe and secure manner, no work at height should be carried out without the best access safety equipment in place.

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Falls from height are down annually, but they do still happen, and they most often happen due to a lack of proper safety checks in place. Investing in the appropriate equipment can do a lot to help you keep your team members safe, avoiding accidents (or even deaths), and keeping you safe from the legal repercussions of allowing unsafe jobs to be carried out on site.

There is no way to completely eliminate the risk of falling from height, but you can significantly minimise that risk by planning thoroughly, assessing all the risks, and working out a method statement, and sticking to it.

Using the right equipment for chimney access is key, because even a very short fall from height can be fatal.

Let’s Take A Look At Our Top Chimney Access Safety Equipment Picks…

Adjust Abil Roof Ladder

A telescopic ladder that distributes weight evenly, this piece of chimney access equipment is ideal for short jobs that are not worth constructing scaffolding for. It has a storage length of 1.35 metres and a weight of 12.75 kilograms, making it easy to put away when not in use, and not too difficult to carry around.

Ron Clark’s Ladder Rest

For those instances where only a ladder will do, this piece of equipment helps to position the ladder behind the stack and minimises the risk of it slipping or sliding down. This is especially useful where the chimney stack is part way down the slope of the roof instead of at the ridge and is the perfect partner to the Adjust Abil Roof Ladder.

Chimney Access Ridge Stand (CARS Unit)

This piece of equipment is essentially mobile scaffolding. It is small and easily assembled in under 15 minutes, and is well suited to slightly more complex jobs. It has guardrails on three sides which together reduce the risk of falling, and this piece of chimney access equipment is now customisable, which increases the variety of tasks it can be used for.

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Our roof access safety systems also includes fall arrest with a choice of anchor points and harnesses with front and rear “D” rings to fit most body shapes and limit the range of free fall. Our systems are also customisable, and you can add many products into the system.

Contact us today with a description of the job you will be working on, and our team will get in touch with some suggestions for chimney access safety systems to keep your employees safe at height.

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