Whether you’re installing air conditioning units or setting up a stage for live events, an aluminium scaffold tower is an important piece of equipment you can’t be without.

If you’re purchasing an aluminium scaffold tower, there are a number of things to consider, from workplace safety to what material is best. We take a look at four things to pay attention to when looking for an aluminium scaffold tower to buy.

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Make Sure It Complies With Safety Standards

Health and safety should be paramount at work so if you are looking for an aluminium scaffold tower, you will need to make sure it complies with all relevant regulations. There are a number of health and safety regulations that aluminium scaffold towers in the UK need to comply with and it’s important to carefully read any manuals or safety guidelines before using your scaffold tower.

Choose Quality Over Price

Though it can be tempting to cut corners and choose low-budget equipment, a high-quality aluminium scaffold tower will last far longer, saving you time and money when it comes to repairs or replacement. Choose an aluminium scaffold tower from a trusted manufacturer like Ability International, who use the latest engineering techniques to create the best aluminium scaffold tower for any application.

The Right Scaffold Tower For Your Project

There are a wide variety of aluminium scaffold towers for sale UK-wide, so make sure you are clear on the size and specification you are looking for. A well-built, secure scaffold tower is crucial for effective operations, so look for features such as anti-slip treads, robust locking mechanisms and high-quality aluminium. Most aluminium scaffold towers are available in a range of standard lengths and widths so choose the one that best suits the projects you most often complete.

The Latest Manufacturing Methods

Like with any safety equipment, intelligent manufacture is essential to quality. The best aluminium scaffold tower manufacturers use cold-forming techniques for extra strength and rigidity. Look for features such as extruded tee pieces that connect every second rung to the vertical tube for extra security.

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