An alarming number of falls from height result from the use of ladders. Ladder safety training is an effective way to prevent accidents and injury. Yet, still this remains an overlooked area of health and safety education in some workplaces.

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The Alarming Reality Of Ladder Accidents

– There are estimated to be around two million ladders in use on a daily basis in the UK.

Working at height is the number one cause of injuries sustained at work.

– According to the Health and Safety Executive, a third of falls from height are as a result of using a ladder.

– Ladder accidents cost the British economy more than £60 million a year.

Why Ladders Are So Dangerous

– The most common reasons for ladder accidents are:

– Using a ladder in disrepair

– Improper use – in many instances human error is a factor

– Selecting the wrong type of ladder for the task

– The right type of ladder not being available

One of the most high profile deaths resulting from ladder use in recent years was that of a television engineer in South London. Among the findings from the inquest into his death, the coroner found that:

– The job had been classed as impossible without a specialist team

– A ladder long enough for the job was not available

– The worker had not received ladder training in six years

Comparative figures for the UK are not available, but in the USA a survey by The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 73% of victims of workplace ladder accidents had not been provided with training on the safe use of ladders.

Common Mistakes & What You Need To Know About Ladder Safety

Health and safety ladder training will address these common issues found in the workplace:

– A lack of awareness of the dangers that ladders can pose

– Incorrect ladder selection

– Poor ladder maintenance

– A lack of staff training in how to identify ladder defects

– Incorrect ladder setup

– Poor practices when working on and climbing up/down ladders

– A lack of knowledge on how to dismantle a ladder

– Staff not knowing how to safely move ladders between locations

The Health and Safety Executive states that to use a ladder at work you must be competent. That means you must have had the necessary instruction and understand how to use the equipment safely.

The law does not state that you necessarily have had to have received a qualification in how to use ladders safely, though it will make your work a lot safer if you do.

Don’t risk one more accident involving a ladder. Contact our expert training team at Ability International today to discuss your training requirements further.

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