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Extruded Hooks

Contract 46mm Round Shank Hook
Plain Square Shank Hook
Contract Square Shank Hook
TOTR 46mm Round Shank Hook

Our patented extruded hooks have a unique mechanism that locks into place and allows them to hook onto any tube diameter between Ø2” and Ø1 29/32”. The action of the mechanism takes up any tolerance between the hook and the tube to create a joint that helps to prevent the “shake” associated with many aluminium towers.

This rigidity can be augmented by a secondary security lock that not only tightens the locking mechanism even further, but also helps prevent unauthorised removal if left unattended.

Ability extruded hooks are available with the following shank sizes:-

• 46mm square shank to fit into 2” x 2” x 16swg square section tube
• 46mm round shank to fit into Ø2” x 16swg tube
• 44mm round shank to fit into Ø2” x 12swg tube
• 40mm round shank to fit into Ø 1 29/32” x 7swg Scaffold tube

All shank configurations can be supplied as Plain Hooks with no mechanism, Contract Hooks with a locking mechanism, or TOTR Hooks with the additional secondary security lock.

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