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Extruded Couplers

Half Coupler
Half Coupler with wing nut
Half Coupler with broached hole for M10 bolt
Swivel Coupler
Fixed Coupler
Fixed Coupler

Our extruded couplers are unique in their ability to accommodate two tube sizes.
Each inner face has two arcs enabling the coupler to clamp securely onto Ø2” and scaffold tube.

In controlled tests conducted at Peterborough Regional College Engineering Department, the 90˚ fixed couplers and the swivel couplers met the specification of the relevant section of BS 1139:1991, provided they were secured with nuts, torque tightened to 55Nm. This torque setting and more can be achieved with a standard scaffolding wrench.

Available as half couplers, swivel couplers and fixed couplers at either 90˚ or 180˚ in self-colour aluminium they are the ideal solution for attaching standard aluminium scaffold tube to lightweight aluminium scaffold towers.

The half couplers can even be fitted with a lifting eye providing a safe working load of 500kg with a safety factor of 8. In many cases the weakest link will be the structure it is attached to, not the coupler, so please bear this in mind when considering how they are to be used, especially on thin walled fabrications. If in doubt, contact your manufacturer/supplier for advice.

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