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Desksurfer Spares/Parts

The most popular Desksurfer spares are listed below. If you are unsure what part you need, we can help!

R1884SB Safety Bar
R1884WH Winch Handle
R1884WU Winch Unit
R1884WW Winch Wire
Platform Hook and Safety Lock with nuts, bolts and washers
R1884 SLB Spring Loaded Bolt
R1884BEL Bulls Eye Level
R1884CW Cable Wheel
R1884CWC Cable Wheel Cover
R1884OR Outriggers L & R Hand
R1884PH Platform Hook
R1884PSL Platform Safety Lock
AL370 Adjustable Leg
C125E Castor
C125N Castor & AL370 Adjustable Leg
C125N Castor

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