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Height Adjustable Mobile Platform – CHAMP

The Design

CHAMP (Cantilevered Height Adjustable Mobile Platform) is designed to provide access over immoveable obstructions. Many are custom built to suit customer needs, and as such, are priced individually upon request.

The Practicality

Based on an entirely new concept, the CHAMP is quick and easy to use and can be wheeled from one position to another quickly and easily. No assembly is required, simply lock or unlock the braked castors and adjust the platform height using the winch. Manufactured from robust aluminium alloy with a steel base and counterweights, the CHAMP is not only very strong, but easy to manoeuvre due to the clever mix of total lock and directional lock castors.

Quick & Easy

The CHAMP can be easily adjusted to different heights at approximately 250mm intervals, using the winch system. The platform provides a safe working area with guardrails and toeboards, and safety bars or self-closing gate protecting the entrance to the platform.

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