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The Chimney Access Ridge Stand (CARS Unit) is a small, lightweight, chimney scaffold unit that can be assembled by one man in around 15 minutes. It provides a safe, level platform to work from, with guardrails to three sides preventing falls. It is supplied as standard with a single kick board/ladder stop with the option of an additional three sided toeboard if required. Extra height can be achieved by purchasing additional three or four rung lower frames to replace the standard two rung frames.

With a platform length of 1m and a width of 0.45m it is compact enough for most people to handle safely whilst providing sufficient space to work when working on chimneys. The heaviest items, the platform with frames attached, weighs just 19kg.

With a total weight of 39kg it sits on weight spreading base boards so the chance of breaking roof tiles is negligible. These base boards are supplied bare for the customer to pad with whatever suits their local roofing material. Just ensure it is not too soft and spongey or the whole thing will rock as you walk from one end to the other!

As a response to feedback and requests there are now a number of additional items to enable the CARS Unit to be used in different situations. Originally designed to give access to chimney stacks at ridge level, you can now purchase offset frames to allow the CARS Unit to be positioned behind a stack part way down the roof slope. A redesigned stabiliser with a round rubber padded foot adds to the stability and prevents the CARS Unit tipping when accessing the platform.

Usually available from stock, the CARS Unit is delivered by carrier to your delivery address in two purpose made boxes on a three day service. If you need a quicker delivery let us know and we will do our best to assist.

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