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Our Contract 250 series of Aluminium scaffold towers are available in three standard lengths and three standard widths. This means, whatever your access needs, we have them covered. If you need something outside of these standard sizes we can custom build your tower to suit your site conditions.

The 250 series towers have anti-slip rungs spaced at 250mm centres meaning there is no need for specific ladder frames making it more intuitive to build. This also has the added benefit of creating more possible platform levels, a big bonus when working indoors at ceiling level, there is a greater chance of achieving the ideal platform height which makes it a more comfortable place to work. It is also more suited to working on stairs giving more opportunities to achieve a level platform to help replace those hard to reach lamps.

Our Contract 500 series Stairladder towers are the most comfortable to climb, having diagonal stair ladders with 80mm deep, anti-slip treads and double height banister braces from ground level up to the top working platform. Just the thing if you have tools and materials to take up with you.

With our patented extruded brace hooks the quality of engineering is clear to see. The hooks have a unique design which allows them to lock onto two different sizes of tube, and anything in between. The natural action of the locking mechanism automatically adjusts to take out most of the tolerance giving a more solid and robust feel to the tower, even at extreme heights. If you already have a tower from another manufacturer and need replacement braces or want to reduce the “shake” in your current system, we can make them to your measurements.

The frames feature extruded tee pieces to connect every second rung to the vertical tube. These are cold formed for extra strength and rigidity as the reduction of heat retains the hardness and temper of the heat treated alloy. By expanding the tube into the grooved tee pieces it also takes out the tolerance between tube and tee making the frame less likely to be knocked out of square if accidentally dropped.

The quality and integrity of engineering can be seen throughout the whole tower with extrusions replacing castings in every possible area, reducing the potential for invisible imperfections within, something that is extremely important to us and hopefully our customers.

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