How Short-Term Work At Height Equipment Hire Is Restarting Businesses

For any business restarting following a lengthy lockdown, getting yourself back on your feet and on-track is priority one. Whether you’re a small business just starting up following a layoff from an existing company, or simply a firm getting back on its feet, equipment hire might be the best way to get back to a better standing – especially when it comes to working at height equipment.

The Best Work At Height Solutions

Investing in equipment is costly, and that’s doubly true when it’s specialist equipment that isn’t used every single day. Any business starting up understands the impact of these costs – but that’s doubly so when you’re already paying wages, covering costs and functioning as a running business while trying to get started. The hire of access platforms and other equipment for work at heights, is a great short-term solution to this issue, providing access to the equipment you need without the high up-front cost.

As lockdown eases, businesses are facing two problems: the uncertainty of ongoing work, and the challenge of less work meaning more competition moving into the work at height sector. With building works being put off across the UK as far away as 2021, it makes little sense to invest a large amount of money in permanent work at height solutions when there’s the potential that those building works could be postponed even further or cancelled. Keeping that cash flow is more essential than ever, and expensive equipment additions just aren’t in the budget.

Affordable Work At Height Equipment

Hiring is the answer to the short-term problem of businesses restarting or starting from fresh. With professional, high-quality work at height equipment available at a lower overall cost than purchase, it’s the ideal middle ground. The temporary nature of hires also means you aren’t a massive amount out of pocket on cancelled works, and for less concrete schedules it’s possible to hire equipment on demand, rather than have it sitting around waiting to be used.

At Ability International, we specialise in high-quality work at height solutions that suit any business. With the Desksurfer access platform hire, working safely on sites is far more convenient – and far less costly than a substantial up-front investment. Without the need to store, maintain or manage your working at height equipment, making that short-term leap from lockdown to fully operational practices is far more manageable. Contact us for access platform solutions.

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