While many may believe that health and safety awareness is better than ever in 2022, working at height is still one of the most dangerous occupations. Regardless of the role, falls from height were the number one cause of work-related deaths between 2020 and 2021. So how can we improve this going forward? Read on for our top five tips for working at height safely.

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Use The Right Equipment

Working at height is often essential to your role. While other strategies should be employed where possible, if you do need to work at height it is vital to focus on fall prevention. This can be carried out by using the right equipment when working at height. Ensure all places where a person could fall are protected with guardrails, toeboards, barriers, or similar means of collective protection. Makes sure the equipment is correctly positioned so that workers never need to stretch or work precariously.

Minimise Distance

While falls do sometimes occur, the severity of these can be minimised by assessing distance. Employees should never be overextending equipment beyond it’s designed maximum height. If falls cannot be prevented, use safety decking, safety netting, airbags, soft landing systems, or fall arrest systems to reduce the distance and the consequences of a fall.

Prepare Workers

Before work has begun, workers should be fully trained in every element of a task, with risks thoroughly explained. You should also take the time to consider any emergency procedures that may need to take place in case a fall or other injury occurs. These should include rescue and evacuation, and workers should be fully aware of how to handle these situations.

Introduce Exclusion Zones

Exclusion zones are an excellent way of making the area surrounding those working at height safer. If you are working with bricks or debris that may fall, these zones can reduce the chances of injuries being caused to those below. Installing mesh guards can also help when you are working with scaffolding.

Use Clear Signage

As well as having the correct safety equipment, workers must be continuously made aware of hazards. This should be done first through onboarding, but then can be continued with clear signage indicating the potential for falling debris or fragile surfaces.

With these five top tips, you should be able to be a little safer when working at height, in 2022 and beyond. One of the primary ways in which you can stay safe is with the right kind of equipment for the task when working at height. At Ability International, we provide custom solutions for working at height. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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