There can often be a need to work at height for many businesses across multiple industries. Companies involved in manufacturing are a classic example, as are construction firms who need to erect a new building. Although some people may worry about safety when working on aluminium scaffold towers, they are not only secure but also very handy aids when used correctly.

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Of course, the flipside to this is that these towers can be dangerous to those working on them or those in the surrounding area if used irresponsibly. The most common causes of poor working practices on aluminum scaffold towers are usually time pressure to finish the job or wilful negligence.

It is therefore key to know what NOT to do when working on these towers. But what are the major points to know about?

Using Additional Objects To Gain More Height

In simple terms, you should never use extra objects when working to give you more height. Although it might seem tempting if whatever you need to work on is just out of reach, it could easily cause an accident. Whether you slip and fall to the ground or drop an object off the tower when overreaching, this can lead to an extreme risk of injury.

Working On Towers In Strong Wind

The higher you are, the more you will be affected by strong winds, which means going several metres into the air on a tower is not wise. If you do, the tower will not be stable and will shake and rock as the wind blows. This is dangerous physically and poses a mental distraction.

Not Working In A Sensible Manner

Working in a careless manner is certainly something you should avoid. Always focus on the task at hand and move about the platform in a mindful way. To protect those in the area below, ensure tools are handled properly and that they are securely stowed away when not in use. If you are unsure about the best working practices for these towers, it is sensible to get some training on this first.

Ignoring Or Forgetting Safe Workload Specs

Another big error to avoid is ignoring or forgetting the safe working load of your tower. This simply refers to the maximum safe force the tower you are working on can handle. Not taking this into account could see you putting too much weight on the tower and making it unstable.

Using Cheap Scaffold Towers

The last major thing NOT to do is buy a cheap scaffold tower for professional use. This is because cheaper aluminium scaffold towers for sale UK wide could be made from less durable materials. In addition, cheap imported towers may not meet the latest safety standards and may not have the array of useful features that better ones include. For these reasons, it really is worth looking for the best value rather than the cheapest when choosing an aluminium scaffold tower to buy.

Certified Scaffold Tower Training From Ability International

Here at Ability International, we have been manufacturing and selling the best aluminium scaffold tower products since 1987. As well as this, we also offer certificated training to ensure operators meet Health and Safety Executives’ competency requirements. This kind of training is essential if you plan to work on aluminium scaffold towers UK wide and want to do it safely. Get in touch on 01832 770759 to book your course.


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