Ladders Vs Access Platforms What's The Best Solution For Working At Heights

If you’re working at height, you may have asked yourself whether a ladder or an aluminium scaffold tower is more beneficial. In theory, ladders are the quick, simple, and traditional option, but are they the safest?

Choosing The Right Tool For The Right Job

When it comes to deciding between using a ladder or an access platform such as a scaffold tower, it’s essential that you take a minute to consider the job in question, evaluating its risks and practicalities. These should be the main considerations that ultimately dictate which tool is best for the job at hand.

Most people wouldn’t consider the practicality of a ladder, but if you think about it, carrying a ladder or stepladder back and forth into your work area might not be the most efficient use of your time. You’ll also tend to need a second person to make sure that the ladder doesn’t fall, which prevents them from completing other work, or securing the ladder to allow one person to work safely. This may not always be possible.

When Not To Use A Ladder

Ladders are commonplace around households, offices, and many other everyday settings, so most people don’t see ladders as a threat. However, you always want to prevent injuries at work, and sometimes, a ladder could easily be the cause of these. A statistic by HSE shows that falling from a height is the third highest cause of life-threatening injuries, so it’s important to consider whether it’s necessary to put yourself at such risk. In an attempt to alleviate this issue, here are five examples of when a ladder should not be used:

• If your job is expected to take longer than 30 minutes
• If you cannot maintain contact with three points for more than a brief period of time
• If you need to carry any equipment or tools up to the height
• If your tools or equipment are heavy
• If you need to apply significant force or have the potential to over-reach while doing so

Why Access Platforms Can Be The Best Solutions

Ladders may be ancient, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best choice. New technology can provide a safer solution to working at heights. For example, access platforms can:

• Be easily moved around the workplace by being self-propelled or pushed around
• Transport all equipment needed in a single trip
• Make working at heights a single person job
• Create a safer and more productive work environment

Why Invest In An Ability International Desksurfer?

If you’re looking to make your workplace safe and flexible, take a look at our bridging system, providing access over large desks or conference tables. This comes with a flexible height options and arrangements that can be adjusted depending on your application.

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