A worker using a desk surfer to check the lights in the office.

Working at height is a common and accepted practice in many industries, but following the right rules and regulations is essential to prevent injuries and death. The use of a Desksurfer is often the best way to get work done at height, especially when working alone and in offices. 

But are there any groups of people who should not use a Desksurfer? In this blog, we look at whether it is safe for everyone to use a Desksurfer, before exploring the importance of risk assessments.  

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Briefing And Preparing

It’s important to brief and prepare all employees before they use Desksurfers. If they don’t know how to use one properly, there could be serious consequences. Make sure that all workers have received training in how to use Desksurfers safely and what they should do in case of an accident. They should also be fully aware of the risks involved in conducting work at height.

Who Can Use A Desksurfer? 

Desksurfers are typically used by building maintenance personnel, electricians, painters, and anyone who needs safe and efficient access to a low-level height indoors, especially if obstacles like furniture can’t be moved. However, it’s mandatory that only trained and competent workers operate and use a Desksurfer, so if someone hasn’t undergone the relevant training, it’s essential that they don’t use the equipment. 

Importance Of Risk Assessments

It’s important to take into account the health and safety of anyone who may be using a Desksurfer before it’s used, so make sure a risk assessment is carried out before any work begins. As we’ve pointed out above, the Desksurfer can’t be used by just anyone, and factors like working load and reach will need to be considered to prevent slips and injuries.

If you don’t have a risk assessment form already, there are a number of templates online you can use to help you with this. These will help you to identify what the risks are, how likely they are to occur and what the consequences might be if they do occur. It will also tell you how much control you have over those risks.

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