How To Store Your Aluminium Scaffold Tower Safely
An aluminium scaffold tower is an excellent piece of equipment for safety and convenience, but what is the best way to store it when not in use? There is more to consider than simply dismantling it and wheeling it into the storage facility until it is needed.

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When scaffold components are stored incorrectly, you can compromise the scaffold tower safety. Wherever you choose to store your unit, you must take care to meet certain conditions to maintain the safety and quality of your aluminium scaffold tower.

Ensure Components Are Readily Accessible

If you store the unit behind lots of other equipment it will be far more difficult to access. This increases the risk of loss or damage when you next need to get it out.

Ensure Components Are Stacked Correctly

Stack the tower components in order of weight, so the heaviest items are at the bottom of the stack and the lighter items are at the top. It may not be in the order that they are needed but, light weight aluminium tubing is easily damaged if heavy items are stored on top of it. It is also less likely to over-balance and topple over.

Don’t Block Access Points Or Emergency Exits

If there is an emergency in the storage facility, your scaffold tower must not be blocking any exits or warning/safety signs. This could lead to serious injury and is a significant health and safety violation.

Standing Components Upright Against A Wall

If floorspace is at a premium, the tower components may be stacked vertically against a wall. If this is how you choose to store your tower, ensure the components cannot cause damage to persons or property by securing to the wall with a strap or chain, or making a rack to ensure they cannot slip or fall.

Use Reasonable Support To Keep The Scaffold Tower Components Off The Ground

When the components are off the ground, they pose less risk for trips or collisions. However, you must use adequate support to keep the tower components raised.

Keep Different Size Parts In Separate Stacks

Keeping similarly sized elements together results in better organisation. This will make it easier when you come to assemble it again.

Don’t Make Equipment Stacks Too High

Stacks help store equipment away neatly but stacking too high can lead to instability and the risk of collapse. An unstable stack is dangerous to everyone around it, and a fall could damage the equipment.

Ensure Scaffold Tower Components Are Dry

If your scaffold tower elements are wet for an extended period, mildew and decay can develop. If a platform has mildew, it should be checked to ensure its safety. Dry components should be kept under cover to reduce exposure to the elements. Lubricate moving parts before storing for any length of time as oxidisation can cause them to seize up if left to dry naturally.

Keep Storage Areas Clean And Tidy

This will ensure maximum longevity of everything in your storage space.


The steps listed above will help maximise your aluminium scaffold tower safety. Put them into practice to store your tower components safely and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need guidance.

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Image source: Unsplash

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