A man using a desksurfer in an office to help working at height

When you carry out work at height, you have many things to keep in mind. Not only do you have to follow strict protocol and be sure that your equipment is up to standard, you also must ensure that you know how to properly operate that equipment.

A Desksurfer is the perfect piece of equipment to help you carry out work at height in an office environment. Let’s run through the steps to using it…

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  1. If you have a Desksurfer with a fold down mast (FM) disengage the spring bolts that are located on the underneath of the mast. They are the ones with the red plastic aps. Pull inwards and turn them through ninety degrees to hold them in the unlocked position.
  2. The Desksurfer stands on castors with foot-operated brakes so lock the brakes before raising the mast.
  3. Next, raise the mast to a vertical position.
  4. When the mast is fully upright, hold it in place and carefully lock both of the securing bolts into place.
  5. Next, remove the mast locking pin, found at the top of the mast. This prevents the inner mast from sliding out when folded flat.
  6. Attach the top half of the guard rail onto the fixed, lower guard rail. You may need help at this stage.
  7. Hook the platform onto the rungs at whichever platform level is right for the job, then secure in position with the red platform safety lock. You’ll need a second person to help with this step.
  8. Loosen the wing nuts securing the outriggers at the base of the Desksurfer and swing the outriggers outwards to the “in use” position with the arrows aligned. Ensure the castors are in contact with the floor and check that the couplers are secure using firm finger and thumb pressure only.
  9. Insert the winch handle into the winch box and wind the handle clockwise to raise the platform. When the mast latch hooks “clunk” at the intended height, wind the handle anticlockwise and ensure the mast latch hooks are located on a rung or stub rungs.
  10. Once the platform is ready to go, check that the Desksurfer is in the correct position and the platform is level, the brakes are applied on all four castors outboard of the desk, and the stabilisers are correctly positioned. Return the winch handle to its parking position in the base.
  11. Climb the mast and enter the platform ensuring the two safely bars are hooked in place.
  12. Stay within the guardrailed area of the platform when working, and do not overreach.
  13. Do not overload the platform – it has a maximum safe working load of 150kg or 23.5 stone.
  14. When the work is complete, exit the platform backwards facing the ladder and leaving the two safety bars unhooked.
  15. Once back on the ground, unlock the brakes on the castors and carefully move the Desksurfer clear of the desk and any other obstructions until the space beneath the platform is clear.
  16. Take the winch handle from its parking position in the base, insert fully into the winch unit, then wind the handle clockwise to raise the mast approximately 75mm until the mast latch hooks can be lifted clear of the rungs.
  17. Now, wind the handle anticlockwise to lower the mast holding the mast latch hooks clear as they pass the rungs until the mast is nearly at its lowest position. Do not reach through the mast, keep hands clear of the rungs. Release the mast latch hooks and allow the mast to come to rest at its lowest position with the mast latch hooks resting on the bottom rung. Do not leave the platform supported by the winch wire.
  18. Return the winch handle to its parking position in the base.
  19. Loosen the wing nuts on the outriggers and return them to the “stored position” with the wheels clear of the floor before wheeling the Desksurfer away to its storage location.


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