With all the extra time on many people’s hands over lockdown, it is no wonder that so many people have tried to learn a new hobby or skill. If you are still looking for a productive way to spend your time, or are working from home, then it is time to start considering online health and safety courses.

There are a variety of courses available online for all learning styles, from online one-to-one instructor-led training to reading and exam-based learning. Health and safety courses from an access training academy can keep you busy and can be incredibly useful in real-world situations. From basic fire safety awareness to scaffold tower safety, there is something to benefit anyone.

Who Can Benefit From Health And Safety Training?

Health and safety training can benefit anyone to say safe and improve the safety of those around them. There is a multitude of professions that can benefit from health and safety training. A more generic course in fire safety can vastly reduce risks while working in many environments and the same can be said for general first aid training.

In construction sites, specifically, there are a lot of hazards and potential risks, so health and safety training for construction sites is a must. Construction-based health and safety is essential for all employees in the profession, and it is important to seek out a trusted provider for training. Courses such as Working at Height will help you and the people around you adopt a safer way of working.

What To Expect

Courses in safety and access and general health and safety aim to cover all aspects of health and safety, from how to deal with potential injuries and mishaps to how to avoid them in the first place. Additionally, all courses are led by field experts with many years of experience.

Get In Touch

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Our online training programmes are incredibly easy to set up and are completely remote. All our courses meet the requirements for statutory employee training and are a simple way to keep your business operations legally compliant while improving the safety practices of yourself and the people around you. If you’re still not convinced then register for a free trial to enjoy the first module of our courses completely free of charge to help you decide.

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