Working on roofs is a dangerous and risky business anyway – let alone working on chimneys, which are usually the highest point on a property. Gaining access to a roof area can be slow and, when construction work commences, it can take time. This leads to a greater chance of potential accidents happening by falls, slips, poor weather conditions, lack of safety barriers, and old or unstable roofing supports.

What Is Chimney Access Equipment?

Chimney access equipment is specifically designed for working on a roof and is a highly specialised category of scaffold that includes roof ladders, fall arrest safety equipment, chimney access ladders and ladder rests. It is designed to allow safe access to the chimney area to work on the flashing, lining, and chimney structure. The chimney sling fits around a chimney and is used as an anchor point, allowing somebody to connect to it and work in this challenging area, with fall arrest protection.

What Are The Benefits Of Chimney Access Equipment?

The benefits of using a chimney access platform are numerous. Traditional scaffolding, while tried and trusted by builders as a useful access platform, is expensive to hire, bulky to transport, and not something the average tradesperson can assemble themselves. Due to the specialised nature of chimney access equipment, the safety aspect is improved considerably as the operative doesn’t have to perch on ladders and risk falling, or work on the chimney with no protection. It can also be more cost-effective than using normal scaffolding, as the equipment used is more targeted and compact, allowing for easier transport on works vehicles. An alternative is to hire a powered access platform to reach the chimney but, as they are not always suited to the job, it could be a waste of a lot of money.

By using a chimney access platform, the specially designed equipment allows the employee to get closer to the chimney itself to commence the project, with everything strapped on for safety. This provides a firm foundation to carry out work in a safe and productive manner as there is a reduced risk of falling or slipping, allowing for focus on the task at hand. As safe access from the chimney access system will create a better working area, quality will also improve.

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