A man hanging out his window to wash it, working from height in a dangerous way

In life we love to get creative when problem-solving. Unfortunately, however, there are times in which getting creative can only create further problems and, worst case scenario, send us to the hospital.

So this April Fool’s Day, the experts at Ability International have compiled a little run-down of our top favourite ways to NOT work at height. Send this list around your team just in case that one colleague who always forgets his high-vis needs a refresher in work at height safety!

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How NOT To Straighten Out Dislodged CCTV

Don’t keep local pigeons as pets, train them to fly up to a target, and send them up to CCTV cameras to straighten them out. Instead, employ a height-adjustable mobile platform which can get you to a safe working height of 4.2m or a scaffold tower if the cameras are placed higher.

How NOT To Reach Ceiling Hatches

Don’t throw your staplers or your hard hat up to ceiling hatches in order to knock them open, because no one will be impressed when that heavy object bounces back and hits you on the head. A stepladder is probably a better option – they’ll take ten seconds to assemble and they are unlikely to fall onto your face.

How NOT To Access That Toolbox You Keep Up On That One Shelf

Don’t use your coat sleeves or your shoelace as a lasso to yank down the toolbox you keep up and out of sight. Apart from how frustrating it is to keep throwing lassos that just fall apart and let you down, a toolbox falling from height can do a lot of damage! Again, use your stepladder or mobile platform.

How NOT To Clean The Ceiling

Don’t stack Tesco meal deals on top of each other to then climb up onto in order to dust the ceiling. Sandwiches (especially ham and cheese) are a soft surface that may give way under you, and you won’t be able to eat them afterwards as a reward for your hard work, either. Stepladders are your friend in this scenario.

How NOT To Access The Lights

Don’t stand on your colleague Rob’s shoulders if you need to reach the lights. He didn’t mean it when he asked if he could help, and if you fall, you’ll injure him too! Stepladders, stepladders, stepladders. Or mobile height-adjustable platforms.

How NOT To Get Up Onto The Roof

Don’t install a trampoline in the car park and bounce higher and higher until you’re quite sure you can make the jump. You can’t – this isn’t the Matrix. Erect a scaffold tower then everybody’s happy!

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So that’s our list of how NOT to work at height this April Fool’s Day and, in fact, really any other day. How would YOU not work at height? Give us a call and let us know what work at height shenanigans you’ve witnessed so we can add them to our list.

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