Falls from height are by far one of the biggest risks to be aware of in the workplace. Every year, millions of working days are lost due to injuries that result from falling and some incidents even lead to fatalities! Many falls occur due to workplace mishaps, incorrect safety procedures or distractions that cause workers to lose their balance and subsequently fall from height.

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Falling from height is a risk that every workplace should be aware of, so here is our breakdown of how many people fall when working at height each year.

How Many People Fall When Working At Height Each Year?

In 2019, 29 fatalities were caused by falls from height in the workplace. This makes it the third highest cause of workplace death, making up 20% of fatalities. The exact number of people who fall when working at height each year is not known because many falls go unreported, however, the number is expected to be touching a million!

In What Industries Are People More Likely To Fall From Height Each Year?

The number of people who fall from height each year varies across every industry. In the construction industry, working at height is the most dangerous activity and caused the most fatalities in 2019/20.

Falling from height is also a major risk in the manufacturing, mining, agriculture and transportation industries, as many of these job roles involve carrying out activities at height.

How To Minimise The Number Of People Who Fall When Working At Height

It is clear from statistics that steps need to be taken to reduce the number of workers who fall whilst working at height each year. To minimise the risk of falling from a height, workplaces are encouraged to put solutions in place that will make working environments safer and better prepare staff for working in such dangerous conditions.

Staff Training

Many falls from height could have been prevented if the workers involved knew how to correctly handle work at height. Now, all staff who work at height should undertake mandatory training to ensure that they follow safe practices and reduce their chance of a fall.

Specialised Equipment

For optimal working conditions, specialised access equipment should be used for any job that is carried out where a fall could result in an injury. Specifically designed equipment with the prevention of falling in mind is available for most tasks that involve work at height.

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