A construction platform lift to show how Ability International can help after you purchase a desksurfer

Are you looking at hiring a Desksurfer but you aren’t sure how to operate it? Maybe you’re worried about troubleshooting it or having difficulty manoeuvring it. A good equipment hire specialist will make sure that you are supported every step of the way however, which is why at Ability International we will go out of our way to help you after you have purchased or hired our equipment.

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When Would You Need Specialist Equipment?

There are many types of indoor and outdoor work that may require specialist equipment for work at height. This could be anything from scaffold towers for both indoor and outdoor tasks, chimney roof access systems, or a Desksurfer for indoor work in which you need to access the ceiling. It is imperative that you do not attempt a DIY method of getting to the required height – The Work at Height Regulations are very clear about making sure no one is put at risk when carrying out jobs at height. Take a look at our products page if you are not sure which equipment you need.

If you are carrying out indoor work, it is likely you will need a Desksurfer.

Navigating Unfamiliar Equipment

So, you have found the solution – great! But then what? It can be daunting to get your head around equipment that you are new to and have never used before. Written instructions aren’t always easy to translate into the real-life scenario, and what if it doesn’t quite go as planned and you need to get someone on the phone to help ASAP?

Ability Can Help

Luckily, our team at Ability International are experts both on and off-site and we understand that using new work at height solutions can be difficult to get to grips with at first. That’s why we are always at the other end of the phone to help you – just call us up if you are having trouble with your new equipment. We will be able to talk you through the exact steps to get your job up and running, making sure that you feel comfortable and know exactly what to do.

Did you know that we offer ongoing maintenance after purchase of our equipment? And if you purchase a service from us within 30 days of buying a Desksurfer, we apply a special offer – we discount the first year of service up to 10%.

As part of your ongoing service, we follow PUWER legislation standards: every Desksurfer must undergo a yearly inspection to ensure safety, compliance, that it has not been damaged, and is in good working order. We’ll make sure that your Desksurfer is as good as it was the day it left the factory!

We are always available on the phone to help in the meantime, too.

Get In Touch

The best customer service is the one that never ends, which is why you should choose Ability for all of your height-related equipment. Our team will stay in touch to make sure that your purchased or hired equipment is working perfectly and we are just a phone call away should any problems arise. Give us a call to tell us about your requirements or fill out our enquiry form by clicking here.

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