Height adjustable mobile platform

Got another working at height job coming up? You’ve got a fully trained and qualified team on the task, and you know exactly how the job needs to be carried out. The only snag is you’re using old, inefficient safety equipment. What can you do to change that, and more importantly, why is it so important that you upgrade?

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Height adjustable mobile platforms come in very handy for all kinds of working at height tasks, both indoor and outdoor. Whether you need to reach the fan coils inside an office, or the CCTV cameras outside in the car park, a height adjustable mobile platform is the and flexible solution you’ll need.

In fact, height adjustable mobile platforms are versatile and have many uses, including but not limited to:

1. Lamps

You may want to fix a broken lamp in a warehouse or a streetlamp outdoors. Either way, you’ll need a height adjustable platform that you can easily manoeuvre. Easily stored away once you’ve finished with them, height adjustable mobile platforms are versatile enough for both jobs.


Whether a bird has flown into it, there’s been a strong wind, or someone has manually moved it, security cameras can easily get knocked off course and end up pointing in the wrong direction. They are often placed high enough that climbing up to correct their angle would constitute working at height. You’ll need a secure platform to reach a CCTV camera!

3. Maintenance

General maintenance may look like dusting, repainting, electrical checks or more, but either way, a lot of maintenance work involves reaching ceilings. It may be tempting to just grab a ladder and prop it up against the wall but when you’re looking and reaching upwards, it can be easy to become disorientated and lose your balance, and in that case a ladder is too precarious.

4. Cobwebs

Put simply, your office cleaner isn’t trained to use safety equipment, so he or she won’t be the one reaching the cobwebs up in the high corners unless they’re climbing up onto desks, which we don’t recommend! Height adjustable mobile platforms are perfect for those little cleaning jobs that we tend to forget about.

5. Signage

Signage often needs replacing or updating, both indoor and outdoor, and these jobs are often delicate and take time. A height adjustable mobile platform allows you to work at the required height, comfortably and safely, for longer periods of time.

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Height adjustable mobile platforms can be used for both indoor and outdoor work at height. They are much more efficient than constructing scaffolding, and safer than using ladders, and may decrease the chances of a fall from height. To discuss your requirements for working at height in 2023, contact the experts at Ability International and a member of our team will come back to you with their recommendations.


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