Height adjustable mobile platforms are metal structures which allow workers to access hard to reach areas with ease. These wheeled platforms can be moved into place and secured with a brake in a range of different environments, with height adjustment to allow better access. Our Cantilevered Height Adjustable Mobile Platform (CHAMP) is the ideal solution for commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities to ensure the engineers have a safe area to work at height.

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The Benefits of a Height Adjustable Mobile Platform

A height adjustable work platform is quick and simple to use and can be moved around wherever it is needed. There is no assembly required and we can deliver your custom height adjustable platform in the UK directly to you. Another reason a work platform of adjustable height is helpful is the flexibility it allows. It is easily adjusted to different heights at approximately 250mm increments meaning it can be used for all kinds of different tasks around the facility and stored conveniently out of the way.

Convenient Mobile Access Solutions

We know how busy a factory or warehouse environment can be, so we’ve made our access platforms as simple to use as possible. Using a work platform is simple and straightforward and all our safety equipment has been designed to increase employee safety whilst remaining practical. To move the platform around, you simply lower the platform using the winch to its lowest level, unlock the braked castors, and wheel the platform to the next position.

Safely Working At Height

When you or your team are working at height, safety is the number one priority. Our Cantilevered Height Adjustable Mobile Platform provides a safe working area with toeboards and guardrails and is fully compliant with UK work at height safety guidance. Using the right access equipment makes working at height far safer and these platforms have a range of features to protect your workers. It also has the options of a self-closing gate or safety bars protecting the entrance to the platform, providing a secure place to work.

Sturdy Construction

Our CHAMPs can be used in a number of applications and are constructed from a robust aluminium alloy with a steel base for durability. Made in the UK with a unique system of counterweights, our safety equipment will last for many years. Whatever type of work environment your business has, we can provide a bespoke, durable height adjustable work platform that meets your exact requirements. Give us a call today to learn more.

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