A man using a Desksurfer to inspect ventilation in an office.

The Desksurfer is an access tool that allows you to work at height over existing desks and tables in an office environment. It can save a huge amount of time and effort in terms of reorganising the office layout, especially when carrying out tasks such as cleaning, changing lamps or dealing with aircon units. It’s also height adjustable to allow for the varying ceiling heights and to give plenty of clearance for desk items such as monitors. But what about when your office space is not on the ground floor? Is the Desksurfer an option for offices on the first floor and above? And, more importantly, how do you get it on site?

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The big question here is: does the Desksurfer fit in the lift? The answer is generally yes, although it does depend on the size of the lift. There are no standard lift sizes in the UK, with each of the major lift manufacturers offering a range of custom sized lift options. However, in most commercial buildings, lifts tend to be on the larger size to accommodate a higher volume of people moving between floors.

The Importance Of Lift Size

In order for the Desksurfer to be transported in a lift, it will need to be at least 1.3 m long and with a door opening of at least 65 cm. It will also need to have 2 m of headroom, which would apply to almost all interior spaces. While there are small and even single person lifts, these tend to be used more in domestic rather than commercial settings, with the latter being the natural habitat of the Desksurfer. A quick measure of your lift space will tell you if our Desksurfer will be suitable for use in your office space.

Other Transport Options

However, even if it doesn’t, there are still other options. The Desksurfer weighs about 90kg, which means that it may be possible to carry it up the stairs if you have enough pairs of hands. Different models of the Desksurfer have different weights, so if the stairs are your access point, opt for a lighter version. One of the RM models, either the 35 or ideally the 42, are your best choices (RM stands for removable mast, which also aids stair carrying). The mast weighs about 35kg, the base around 20kg and the platform about 20kg, meaning each of the three principal pieces can be carried upstairs without too much difficulty – and certainly with less effort than having to move all the desks and office furniture around to get the job done.

Operating The Desksurfer

Once on the correct floor, the compact Desksurfer design makes it a versatile tool able to fit through doorways and down even narrow corridor spaces. The height range of the platform ranges from 875 mm to 2240 mm, with a braked hand operated winch to raise and lower the mast.

So, if you have a lift in your building, there’s a very high probability the Desksurfer will fit straight in. Even if stairs are the only option, it can still be a time and effort saving option for most office spaces.

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