Contract managers, operations managers and hiring managers are always looking for ways to improve their productivity and efficiency. In this eBook, we'll be discussing a great way to do that - by using Desksurfers.

Desksurfers are a great way to improve access for maintenance and construction tasks while taking up minimal space in the office and reducing set-up, set-down needs. Desksurfers are becoming an increasingly popular way for construction and FM professionals to access overhead installations, to carry out repairs and maintenance in office environments.

If you're new to the concept, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about Desksurfers. We'll cover what it is, why you should consider a Desksurfer, the different products available, and how to choose between them.


What Is A Desksurfer?

A work platform, also called a mobile work platform or mobile elevated work platform (MEWP), is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access for workers to an elevated workspace. There are many different types and sizes of work platforms available, which can be used for a variety of applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

A Desksurfer work platform is a versatile and easy to use access solution which is perfect for a wide range of low-level tasks. It's ideal for tradespeople who need to carry out tasks such as painting, decorating, plumbing, and re-lamping, as well as general maintenance work, especially overhead work in office spaces that will be above desks.

The Desksurfer is quick and easy to set up, meaning you can get on with the job at hand with minimal disruption. Plus, it's compact and lightweight so it can be easily transported from one job to the next.

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Why Do You Need A Desksurfer?

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to improve your construction workflow in office or above-desk spaces? If so, you may want to consider using a Desksurfer work platform. This versatile tool can help you streamline your tasks and boost your productivity. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a Desksurfer:

Increased workspace

A Desksurfer provides a large working surface, which can be especially helpful when you're working with large pieces of equipment or materials.

Improved ergonomics

A Desksurfer allows you to work in a comfortable position, reducing the risk of injuries caused by repetitive motions.

Increased efficiency

With a Desksurfer, you can complete tasks without the need for uninstalling fixed desks or moving wheeled desks that might be housing electrical or sensitive equipment.

Deciding Which Desksurfer Model you Need

How do you know which Desksurfer model is the right one for you? This is a question that we get asked frequently by our customers. To help make your decision, we have put together this guide to choosing the right Desksurfer for your needs. In it, we will discuss the different models and their features, as well as provide some tips on how to choose the best one for you. Let's get started!

What Height Are The Office Ceilings?

When it comes to deciding which model of Desksurfer you will need for specific tasks, it’s essential to consider what height the office ceilings in question will be.

For ceiling up to 3.5m, these can be reached with a 35 model, but it will be a two-person task. A 42 model would do the same thing but as a one-person task, important for lone working. It will also give a reach height of 4.2m, which often gives access to the ceiling lamps, as well as the air-con and filters in the void above.

Safe Working Loads

What Is The Maximum Height You Need To Reach?

Another important point of consideration is the maximum height you will need your Desksurfer to reach. This can influence which type of model will be best suited to your demands because not all have the same maximum reach height.

Sometimes the ceiling has a void above with plant that needs servicing, so the maximum reach height may be greater than the ceiling height. To learn more about the maximum reach heights of Desksurfer models, visit this product site which includes operator instructions for six models.

Is It Going To Stay In One Building Or Be Transported Around In A Van?

When it comes to choosing the right Desksurfer model for you and your team, you should consider whether the machine will be staying exclusively in one building or whether it will be transported around in a van.

If it is to stay on-site, a UM (Upright Mast) model would be the more economical choice. The upright mast does without the need for a hinged mast and locking devices, reducing cost.

If it will be mobile, the FM (Fold down Mast) or RM (Removable Mast) may be better choices, but it will depend on the size of the van and the space available inside. Some large vans are racked out with spares, limiting the space for the Desksurfer. Always measure the space available and compare it with the Desksurfer specifications.

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Is There Space On Site To Store It?

Furthermore, should you consider keeping the Desksurfer on-site, it’s important to know whether there is existing space to store it. If it is to stay on-site and storage space is limited then it may be better to choose the FM model with its fold down mast.

Do You Have A Goods Lift On Site?

While you are evaluating the on-site facilities for your Desksurfer, you should consider the presence of a goods lift that can move the Desksurfer from floor to floor. With a goods lift, you can easily transport the Desksurfer between floors without causing disruption or folding the mast flat.

If there are no goods lifts on site then the Desksurfer may need to be moved from floor to floor in a passenger lift. In this case, you will need to examine how big the passenger lifts are. If the passenger lift is too small to accommodate the Desksurfer and an operator, the FM may be the better choice, as it can be folded flat then stood up like a sack barrow, taking up less space.

Safe Working Loads

Are There Any Lamps Directly Above Disabled Access Ramps?

It’s important to address this consideration because it could mean operating the Desksurfer on ground that is not flat.

If there are any lamps directly above disabled access ramps that will need to be installed or serviced, adjustable legs on the Desksurfer will be required.

Are There Any Trained Operators On Site?

Having trained operators on-site is a must for operating the Desksurfer or any equipment for work at height; however, if you do not have any currently trained operators, then Ability International can provide a competitive quote for delivery with training.

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Safety Instructions

1. Ensure only trained competent persons operate and use the Desksurfer and a Risk Assessment has been conducted for Work at Height.

2. Inspect the Desksurfer before use and have a formal inspection conducted at regular intervals, depending on frequency of use; keep records of each inspection.

3. Do not use if the Desksurfer is damaged, incomplete or improperly assembled.

4. Desksurfer must be vertical and be used on level and firm floors. Should floors/ground be uneven, OPTION 5, Adjustable legs, must be specified and used. Level unit using the bullseye spirit level located on the base frame.

5. Ensure Stabilisers/Outriggers are correctly positioned i.e. V marks are aligned, castors are in contact with the floor and couplers are clamped tight, using firm thumb and finger pressure on the wing nuts.

6. Ensure all castor wheels are in contact with the floor; when the Desksurfer is positioned for use, apply the footbrakes on all 4 outboard Desksurfer castors. Apply all six castor brakes when the Desksurfer is positioned for use away from desks.

7. Do not raise or lower the mast and platform with a person, or tools and materials, onboard the Desksurfer. Ensure mast latch hooks are engaged on a rung, or stub rungs, before use.

8. Never allow the Desksurfer winch to become slack by overwinding the handle in the down direction.

9. Beware of strong wind conditions including the funnelling effect that can occur with open ended buildings etc., Do not use the Desksurfer if wind speed is likely to exceed 7.7 metres per second, 17mph or Beaufort force 4 (Moderate breeze: dust and paper starts to lift and be blown about).

10. Attach the two safety bars once inside the Desksurfer guardrailed platform area.

11. Always keep your body within the Desksurfer guardrailed platform area. Reach out with arms and hands only. Do not stretch.

12. When moving the Desksurfer, lower the mast and push or pull using manual effort from the base only and without a person or materials on the platform.

13. Beware of all obstructions, especially overhead; also unguarded electrical supply, power lines and cables.

14. Do not overload the Desksurfer. The maximum Safe Working Load is 150kg (23.5 stone).

15. If in doubt about the safe use of the Desksurfer, contact the supplier for advice.

Safe Working Loads

Maximum Safe Working Load: 150kg (23.5stone)

Why Buy From Ability International

Here at Ability International, we supply highly engineered products made in the UK with top-quality durable materials. Unlike cheaper options, our products are built to last, and they are solid and sturdy. Our work platforms provide customers with tailored products and solutions, fitting their exact needs.

Ability International are proud to be industry leaders with our Desksurfer work platforms, including a number of optional extras to make your tasks easier. This can include seat/tool trays, an insulating platform mat, or even PVC handrail insulation.

For more information about the Desksurfer, visit our product page or get in touch with our customer advisory team.

Safe Working Loads

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