Between 2020 and 2021, there were 35 fatal injuries because of falls from height, so it’s clear that there are some life-threatening risks when working at height. That’s why proper preparations and attentiveness are vital to keeping you and your workplace safe.

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These are our top tips for working safely at height.

Put Preventive Measures In Place

There will always be some risk to working at height but we can mitigate this to the point where it’s practically eliminated. Use collective measures to prevent falls – these can include guardrails, toeboards brick guards and barriers. For conditions where this is unavoidable (narrow ledges and fragile surfaces), use a fall restraint or fall arrest system.

Stay Up To Date On Legislation

Always work in compliance with HSE legislation. Specifically for working at height, this means ensuring work is planned, supervised, and conducted by competent trained workers.

Always Make Sure You Have Training

Work at Height training should be done with an accredited training company that can offer a certificated training course.

Ability International offers a wide range of work at height safety training courses and can accommodate up to ten trainees.

Invest In Only Good-Quality Equipment

This is vital to ensure the structural integrity and reliability of the platforms workers are using. By choosing a lower-quality or cheaper product, you could endanger your life and the lives of your colleagues.

Ability International manufacture several durable and easy to use mobile platforms you can trust and rely on.

Choose The Appropriate Equipment For The Job

One size does not fit all when it comes to PPE, preventive safety equipment, and working platforms. Approach each job as a unique situation and carefully evaluate the equipment necessary for its safe performance.

Always Inspect All Equipment Before Use

Training in the safe use and inspection of equipment for working at height can be found at trustworthy accredited training providers such as Ability International. All equipment must be inspected for faults, damage, and for relevant certification.

Have A Rescue Plan In Place

Especially important for those working with fall arrest systems, you need to have an implemented rescue plan before working at height. You should never rely solely on emergency services, especially as a delay could add danger to an existing emergency.

Put together a comprehensive plan and make sure all of the relevant on-site workers are aware of their roles.

For everything you need when you’re working at height, get in touch with Ability International today.

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