At Ability International we love to help out Construction companies who are in need of bespoke equipment to help them with working at height, and we recently caught up with Leon from Camden Council, whom we supplied with a Desksurfer in 2022.

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Camden Council look after offices, libraries, day-care centres, various satellite offices, and more in the Camden area. The various works can include carpentry, electrical work, HVAC repair and maintenance, plumbing, and all breakdowns and repairs within a building. And a lot of it involves working at height!

Leon told us that, before Ability International, he and his team would put up a scaffolding tower, high level steps or a mobile tower, all of which are very old-school – working with those types of equipment in one space is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and difficult. There is also the added struggle of having to physically move the heavy equipment around the worksite – no matter how small the job is, it always took 3-4 engineers because a building is often very large, but the team had to carry a mobile tower piece by piece, then break it all down and carry it back again to store it!

It wasn’t always practical and easy to put up scaffolding, either – agreements needed to be made with the building users and it could take a long while. 

Leon told us that his team were asked to pick up some internal works at Head Office which involved getting up and above the desks in order to reach the lighting.

At that point, Ability International stepped in with their Desksurfer. It got the job done quickly and easily, which was to be expected, but the cherry on top was how easy it was to pop it away into storage…

In Camden Council’s Head Office, the basement ceilings are a bit lower than usual, and the Desksurfer fitted perfectly underneath for storage – like it was made just for them! And because of that, “We got the ‘okay’ to purchase another one!” said Leon.

A Desksurfer is practical, secure, safe, and good value, according to Camden Council’s engineers.

A Desksurfer can be wheeled around or easily hidden away in an office area, and because it’s so easy to roll in and out, a team of engineers can be in and out of a job site before anyone notices they’re there!

“We decided to purchase two Desksurfers,” said Leon. “And we may be looking to purchase a third one.”

Another great success story for the Desksurfer! If you haven’t yet, check out our Guide to Desksurfers, or click here to speak to a member of our expert team.

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