Autumn-Proof Your Work At Height

Summer is officially over, we just did Halloween and now we are well into Autumn territory – which means it’s cold, rainy and windy out there! Of course, in high... Read More
a construction worker on a high site to show that he's safe in autumn conditions.

5 Advantages Of Buying A Desksurfer

Buying or hiring a DeskSurfer platform provides numerous advantages for businesses, organisations and individuals. Whether your needs require only a Desksurfer hire, or you prefer to purchase it outright, the... Read More
A desksurfer platform bought for the advantage of the office.

Will A Desksurfer Fit Into A Lift?

The Desksurfer is an access tool that allows you to work at height over existing desks and tables in an office environment. It can save a huge amount of time... Read More
A man using a Desksurfer to inspect ventilation in an office.

Blow Moulding Company With Access Issues

An existing customer contacted us about a work-at-height issue highlighted by an engineer regarding a section of their production line. They explained that granular material being fed through overhead pipes... Read More
Pod Tower with a lightweight compact design.

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