Construction sites are places full of potential hazards, so these risks must be identified and minimised, to ensure a safe working environment can prevail. Here are some of the most common construction risks to watch out for.

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Working In Bad Weather

No matter how keen you might be to get on with a job, it’s never a good idea to work on a construction site in bad weather, as this could compromise the safety of yourself or your workers. For example, rain, ice, and snow could make surfaces slippery, while strong winds could result in work at height injuries, such as falling off a ladder or roof. Even working in very hot weather could put workers at risk if they become dehydrated during very physical tasks.

Compromising Health and Safety

Workers could easily compromise their health and safety when on a construction site, so knowing how to use equipment properly, and what techniques to use to lift, move or carry items is important to prevent injuries. For instance, workers should avoid overreaching or overloading, especially when working at height.

Working at Height

Many construction site tasks involve working at height, and with the inevitable risks that this brings, it’s no wonder that the work at height hazard list is a long one. Yet, knowing how to work at height safely is crucial, as it’s one of the most common causes of death on construction sites.

Research points out that there were 142 deaths caused by accidents in the workplace last year, the majority of these being in the construction industry (39), and involving working at height (35).

The sad news is that often many of these fatal injuries could be avoided if proper health and safety regulations were in place, and knowledge of the risks and hazards were made widely known, as well as full training in procedures given.

To reduce these risks, construction sites must adhere to the Work At Height Regulations 2005. This involves avoiding working at height if it isn’t necessary, while also making sure a risk assessment is carried out, and the correct equipment, including PPE, is used appropriately, and at all times.

Equipment should be regularly checked to make sure it’s in good working order, and anything that is broken, damaged or not functioning properly should not be used until it has been fixed or replaced.

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