A boardroom table fully maintained by Ability International surrounded by chairs and in the middle of a boardroom belonging to a client.

An existing customer contacted us as a work-at-height issue had been highlighted by a number of engineers. The air conditioning units above a boardroom table required regular preventive maintenance and they were struggling to get to where they needed to be. There were three main issues; the size of the table, the positioning of the air conditioning units, and the size and orientation of the ceiling tiles.

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We conducted a survey and discussed where they needed to reach and what they needed to do so we had a better idea of what type of equipment would be most suitable. We decided they really needed a bridge system to span across the width of the table to give access to filters and fan coil units, with the bridge platform running in the same direction as the unusually large, rectangular ceiling tiles. The ceiling tiles were 2.5m x 1.0m and were orientated to run across the width of the table. The table itself measured 10.6m x 4.0m so it would be a real stretch to try to access the filters from towers or steps.

A boardroom table from the front being maintained by Ability International in a boardroom belonging to a client.

The client already had experience with Desksurfers, so they instantly saw the benefit of bridging the two units to span the whole width of the boardroom table. With a bridge tailored to suit their table, and a conversion to the standard Desksurfer platforms, we managed to put the engineers exactly where they needed to be. The ceiling tiles are hinged along the long sides which means they can be released and swung out of the way whilst standing on the bridge platform as well as placing the engineer in the ideal position to perform his tasks.

A boardroom table being maintained by Ability International in a boardroom belonging to a client.

If you are facing similar access issues, Ability International are happy to help. If you fill out our enquiry form, we will get back to you and we can arrange a call to discuss the problem you are trying to solve. Whether the answer is our trustworthy Desksurfer or a more bespoke solution, we will help you with your challenge.

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