Safe Working At Height Regulations

At Ability International, safety is our utmost priority, so we’ve put together our top 7 work at height safety tips so you and your team can work safely without any unnecessary risks. According to H.S.E., fall should be prevented where there is a distance to fall i.e. from one level to another. This could include working on a roof, ladder, building site, or any other situation where a fall could lead to an injury.

Our Safe Working At Heights Guide:

Avoid Working At Height

Wherever possible try to do as much work at ground level to minimise the time spent working at height.

Prevent Falls  Using Collective Protection

Guardrails, Toeboards, Barriers and Brick Guards are the best ways to prevent falls as they offer protection from falls without any additional equipment and without reliance on the operator using them.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

There is a wide range of PPE that can be used to mitigate the risks presented by working at height. Safety harnesses are designed to keep workers secure and depending on how they are used, can prevent falls as well as arresting a fall should a fall occur. 

Use The Right Equipment Properly

The PPE required for working at height will depend on the situation, so make sure your staff are properly protected with suitable lanyards, harnesses, and protective clothing when required. It’s also vital that your team know how to use the correct equipment for the job, and work from ground level if possible.

Ensure All Equipment Is Regularly Inspected And Maintained

It’s also essential that all PPE used by your team has been regularly inspected and properly maintained as faulty equipment can be a huge risk. This also applies to any other equipment that is used and any machinery or equipment which is necessary for safe working at height.

Choose The Right Anchor Points

In order to safely work at height, you need to make sure your equipment is anchored to an acceptable point which can bear the necessary weight. You can only use an anchor point which has been approved by an engineer and can cope with the shock loads safely.

Get Proper Training

Working at height is required in a range of industries, from construction to events, so it’s essential that your employees understand and can mitigate the risks that come with working at height. A professional online health and safety course is an ideal way to make sure your team understands relevant legislation and follows it carefully.

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