Few homes and businesses are without either a ladder or stepladder to complete many indoor and outdoor tasks that require working at a height.

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Yet, while ladders remain ubiquitous and serve many functions, that’s not to say that ladders are always the best and safest option in all scenarios. In fact, the humble aluminium scaffold tower is fast becoming the preferred equipment of choice for many people working at height. Here are five ways that the aluminium scaffold tower outperforms a ladder.

1. Safer

Many advocates of the aluminium scaffold tower tout that it is far safer than using a ladder. This is because the tower is supported by four adjustable legs and is flat on the ground, unlike a ladder that needs to be propped against a wall. The scaffold tower also has a guardrailed and toeboarded platform area to stand on, which makes it safer to carry out tasks, rather than trying to balance on a ladder. Once you are on the platform, you don’t need to worry about falling backwards like you would if using a ladder.

2. Easier To Use

An aluminium scaffold tower has a platform to work on which makes it far easier to use when working at height than a ladder, as the larger working area means the less repositioning and less chance of over-reaching. You can use the platform to store equipment and the items you need to complete a task, rather than trying to climb up a ladder with one hand and hold equipment with another.

3. Suitable For More Than One Person

Ladders can only be used by one person at a time, which can slow work down. Often, as a last resort, another person has to stand at the bottom of the ladder to ensure it remains stable and doesn’t wobble. The benefit of using an aluminium scaffold tower is that in some cases you can have more than one person using the tower and standing on the platform, making it more efficient and quicker to complete tasks than with a ladder.

4. Simple To Move About

When searching for an aluminium scaffold tower to buy, you’ll also be pleased to discover that this type of equipment is easy to move about, whether you want to complete a range of tasks inside or outdoors. The tower usually comes with wheels that can be braked when stationary, ensuring it remains portable yet secure at the same time. This makes the tower far superior to the ladder when moving around.

5. Flexible

When choosing aluminium scaffold towers, UK manufacturers also enable extra fittings to be added to the design of the tower, enabling you to easily adjust the height of the structure without needing to purchase a completely separate tower. This makes the tower much more flexible compared to a ladder which is usually fixed in height.

If you’d like to benefit from the advantages of using an aluminium scaffold tower over a ladder, then contact our experts at Ability International to discover the best aluminium scaffold tower options available to suit your requirements. We also offer a bespoke service so, if a standard tower is not going to work for you, we’ll manufacture a tower specific to your requirements.

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