There are many types of equipment available to make chimney access as easy and safe as possible. Whether it’s chimney access ladders or full access roof systems, you have many options to choose from.

Here are four key reasons they make a great investment:

1. Safety Improvements

The right equipment can make a potentially dangerous situation much safer. For example, a proper chimney roof access platform will be able to minimise the risk  of a fall by offering guard rails and toeboards, the second rule of working at height. Even falls from comparatively low heights can be the cause of serious injury. Dedicated chimney access equipment can help you achieve this.

2. Quick And Easy Assembly

Something else to consider is that chimney access equipment is nowhere near as heavy, bulky, or difficult to erect as you might imagine. In many cases, a chimney access platform can be erected by one person in around fifteen minutes. They’re designed to be as intuitive as possible to erect, meaning you spend less time wrestling with equipment and more time working productively on your intended task.

3. Modular Construction

Chimney access equipment is designed to be used in a variety of different ways. Every single roof has a different layout and will require work on a different area, so your chimney access equipment can be put together, however necessary, to provide safe access to that part of the roof. So, whatever the nature or location of the work you’re doing, you’re still protected as much as possible.

4. Lightweight and Portable

Chimney access equipment is light and easy to handle, which means it can be easily transported wherever necessary. You won’t need a heavy goods vehicle specifically to carry it, which means that even smaller business owners can benefit from improved safety and more efficient working. It’s also much lighter to carry into position, which can help to minimise fatigue.

5. Making The Right Investment

Chimney access equipment is designed to be as easy as possible to erect and dismantle. This makes working on chimneys and roofs of all descriptions that much easier. As such, chimney access equipment is an invaluable investment for all manner of business owners. Ultimately, they make a potentially dangerous working environment a great deal safer. If that isn’t reason enough, the use of a chimney access platform means you can add an “access equipment” charge to the bill to cover the assembly and “hire” of the equipment. This will help to amortise the initial outlay, and eventually create it’s own income, putting more money in your pocket.

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Image Source: Pixabay

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