A desksurfer platform bought for the advantage of the office.

Buying or hiring a DeskSurfer platform provides numerous advantages for businesses, organisations and individuals. Whether your needs require only a Desksurfer hire, or you prefer to purchase it outright, the ongoing advantages will always outweigh the initial investment cost.

Buying a Desksurfer platform means you will always be able to carry out work above desks and workstations without needing to clear them out and move workers to less convenient areas. A Desksurfer hire means you gain all the benefits of the Desksurfer for a few days or a week or more, without needing to invest in the permanent ownership of the equipment. You can also extend the hiring period a day at a time to ensure you have the equipment you need to complete the necessary work.

Desk Surfers are quick and easy to use compared to traditional over desk access such as desk-spanning scaffolding which is complex to assemble and takes up too much space.

Here we will look at the five big advantages that a Desksurfer hire or purchase will provide you or your business.

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Easy Installation And Maintenance 

Desksurfers consist of a much more limited number of parts compared to desk-spanning scaffold, so it is much easier to set-up and get started on the actual work. This limited number of parts also makes it very easy to maintain while minimising the likelihood of breakage. 

In contrast, a desk-spanning scaffold consists of many more parts which slows down installation and increases the amount of maintenance required to keep the equipment in good working order.

Compact For Easy Access 

The Desksurfer platform can be compacted down to a manageable size which enables it to be easily transported through doorways and elevators. It is also lightweight and easy to handle, thanks to being made from a robust aluminium alloy, which maintains its strength while not being too heavy to handle and move around. 

Fold Down Mast And Removable Mast

The fold-down mast of the Desksurfer FM models makes it a versatile piece of equipment for working at height safely, with the removable mast RM option enabling users to position the Desksurfer for work in even more limited areas, such as stair landings and fire escapes. 

Adjustable Height

Desksurfers are equipped with vertical masts that come with ladder rungs to allow adjustment of the platform height in increments of 273mm. This means the user can set-up the Desksurfer platform to suit their own size requirements to ensure the set-up is comfortable for their needs too.

Easy Transportation

As well as being compact for manoeuvring through doorways and elevators, Desksurfers can be flat packed to make further transportation extremely easy. This is especially advantageous if you buy a Desksurfer platform with the intention of using it at multiple locations.

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